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project file: MV AGUSTA 1970's CLASSIC MAGNI RACE REPLICA with a modern 2004 MV 750cc F4 engine, fully streetable.

WHEELS, HUBS & BRAKES: My Blog is in reverse date order - older posts are below, starting July 23, 2011

March 5, 2011 - Rear wheel brake stay rod complete in stainless steel including the boss on the swingarm. Veiw also shows the end caps on the MAGNI mufflers that needed rewelding - the perf metal baffle tube was randomly wleded to the end cap - quite unsightly. I completed the welding and finished the exit hole to round. You will also notice the new WORKS shocks - these were made special order including mounting the classic way with the body down.


February 19, 2012 - The front wheel and forks are assembled together for the first time. A lot of machine work fabrication and polishing involved with this. The fork sliders were machined from Triumph 955 Daytona 45mm SHOWA forks and polished. The brake stay and fender clamp shaped and finished from a waterjet block of aluminum, axles & nut from stainless. The fender fits the style perfectly - it is from a '95 Triumph Thunderbird. It has all come together rather well. Swingarm looks a treat.

frwheel rear5

February 14, 2011. Whilst awaiting delivery of the shocks from Works Performance, I have switched focus to the front forks. The sliders have been dismantled and machined to mimic the CERIANI style fork used on the MV's. These forks are SHOWA 45mm found on the Triumph Daytona & Speed Triple from 2000-2002. They are excellent high quality forks, with full compression, rebound and pre-load adjustments. The only drawback was they looked too modern. No problem, hack off the nasty disk capliper mount with the trusty zip cut, bung them in the lathe and get busy. I was very careful to watch the thickness as I removed material. The last 3/4" had to be hand filed to remove about 1/8" thickness of material. They will polish up nicely. I have a waterjet fender/brake stay clamp bracket that needs shaping and fitting, plus I am machining up an axle and spacers to suit the GRIMECA 4LS from brake.

fork1 bracket1

February 7, 2012

The wheels are built and are now shod with new tires - Bridgestone BT45's - a 140/18 on the rear and 100/18 on the front. The waterjetting of the brackets for the front brake are done.

fwheel1 rwheel2 waterjet2

January 18, 2012

After several sets of custom spokes from Buchanan's, the rear wheel is ready to go. It is a WM5x18 flanged alloy Morad rim, it will be shod with a BT45 140 wide tire. Quite a unique wheel. The front wheel turned out perfect.

wheel-r frontwhl2

November 20, 2011

Machining and threading of the hub components is completed. Hub is assembled and installed in the swing arm along with a 525 Chain. The ecentric adjusters are still to come. I checked the center-line measurement & sprocket alignment, all is good. There are some slight chain interference issues up near the engine sprocket - some minor adjustments needed to one bracket and a frame tube. It all lines up nicely and the sprocket mounting donuts actually look quite hi-tech - the stud is not quite on centre.. The stainless steel axle, nuts and spacers look suburb. Machining the sprocket adapter plate from 150mm dia (6") x 40mm thick billet aluminum was a great experience - to remove the 17mm of material I was machining at with 1.5mm depth of cut - the lathe made short work of that in 11 passes. I struggled with deciding the overall shape of the adapter behind the sprocket - eventually I settled on a standard pentagon, 5 point star with straight sides. Click on thumbs below for larger image..

hub5 hub7 hub9

nutz3 mach2

November 8, 2011

Machining the axle components underway. The axle was successfully machined from 22mm stainless rod, down to 17mm. I got to use my follow rest on the lathe for the first time. The axle checks out perfect spec along the full 400mm length, a bearing is just a snug slide fit, which is perfect. Three axle nuts were milled out of 28mm stainless round bar - inside 15.5mm dia for metric 1.5 pitch thread, outside hex milled to 24mm. My new R8 x 1" dia mill with two APTK style inserts made an easy job of milling the flats on the stainless steel stock. Threading is next.

axle2 nutz2

October 31, 2011

Completed measurement and design drawing of the rear hub. The donor hub is off an early Ducati 750, Grimeca, single leading shoe. I have to machine the 17mm dia axle & nuts/washers, sprocket carrier (red outline), bearing spacers (red), axle spacers (dark blue). The sprocket carrier will be machined from 150mmdia x 40mm thick billet aluminum, this extends the sprocket carrier out by 32mm and adds another ball bearing.. All the remainder components will be stainless steel including the axle. The eccentric adjusters will be machined out of 3" dia billet aluminum.

Click here or on image for full size picture

hub rear sprkt


July 23, 2011

Took delivery of my wheel components from Wolfgang Haerta, Laverda Specialist in Nakusp BC. Rear hub is early Ducati 750, Grimeca, Front is a new Grimeca 4LS 230mm unit. Rims are Borani WM2x18/36 spoke front and a WM5x18/36 spoke rear

rearhub1 front hub