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May 4, 2011




An afternoon with PIERO LAVERDA - Sept 2008

I was very fortunate to spend on afternoon with Piero Laverda at his 350 year old Villa, near Vicenza in 2008. Myself, Robert Smith, Steve Gurry and Peter Hardwick had just completed the Road Runner Magazine "5 Countries Alps Tour" and were touring Northern It lay by car- all the usual motorcycle interests, Moto Guzzi museum and factory in Mandelo Del Lario, the Ducati Factory in Bologna and the MV Factory in Varesse. Robert had an invite from Piero to visit with him at his Villa.

We were greeted by a friendly Piero and welcomed inside his Villa for refreshments and a chat. His upper room, or den was full of book and papers, photos, pertaining to the earlier days of the Laverda family business of motorcycle manufacture and farm equipment. He pointed out pictures of his father during the hay-days. He toured us through some of the more interesting parts of his villa - the large open kitchen with huge hearth and a "Da Vinci" mechanism to rotate the spit, down to the cellar where amongst the cobwebs and bat guano, was an amazing collection of wines - one bottle 250 yrs old, others more recent including from his own wedding. They have 25 acres of grapes that produce a reasonable crop.

We were ushered out to the stables building,now home to his amazing collection of Laverda machines, parts and racing memorabilia. After a thorough lookie-loo, Piero showed us the V6 and asked if we would like to "hear its voice"? - Of course - and after some minor fettling, connecting battery etc, the V6 fired into life. Piero fussed over this bike like an expectant father - with such pride and enthusiasm and he wanted Steve to give the throttle a blip or two. Steve, ever cautious made a tentative effort only to be goaded on by Piero to "give 'er" - as seen the the video clip. The sight, sounds and smells of that event stay with me to this day.

Piero embraced such a passion for his motorcycles, and with every story or anecdote we were able to catch on to a glimpse of this passion, so much so, that not long after returning to Canada, I bought my my first Laverda, a 77 3CL Jarama (now JOTA).