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May 5, 2014



project file: MAGNI STORIA - handcrafted upgrade kit for my MV AGUSTA 910R from Italy

This is the first time since the 1990's that MAGNI have produced one of their special models - the last being the Moto Guzzi based version. This is also the first time since the late 70's that Magni have been associated with MV Agusta again. Patriarch Arturo Magni, now in his late 80's was MV Agusta's race director from the late 1950's to the mid 1970's when MV ceased production. The Magni company forged a solid name by providing special parts for the MV four cylinder bikes - the chain drive conversion, racing frames and their cast magnsium FPM wheels. In the 1980's saw some special bikes being produced in very limited numbers - a Honda 750 based bike, a BMW boxer,a Suzuki 1200 Bandit version and finally a number of Moto Guzzi variants.

The Nouvo Storia is Magni's latest special build using the 2013 MV Agusta 1090R Brutale. Two prototype bikes have been produced with cooperation from the the MV Agusta factory and production of the special parts is getting ramped up for full production. In true Magni fashion, the Storia is being offered to the market also in a Kitset form. I met with Giovanni and Arturo September 2013 at their workshop and fell totally in love with the Storia concept - a classic styled version of a modern high performance motorcycle. A great moment when Arturo in his limited english explained that the motorcycle was now "too fast", "too much power" very quaint coming from a man who spent decades breathing life into motorycles to make them go faster. When Giovanni said he would sell a Kitset I signed up for Kit number one. The only snag was my bike is an early 2004-2007 version, 910R, which as we found out underwent a number of major changes in the years following up to 2013, primarily the gas tank and forks. Giovanni was able to source a 2004 "S" Brutale, similar to mine and was able to modify the gas tank to fit and adapt the front fender.

The kit was ordered and deposit paid in November 2013 - a few emails in the following months back and fourth, then finally in February 2014 a email arrived with a picture of the two packing crates ready for dispatch to Canada by Fed Ex.


Photo above is the from my visit to the MAGNI Factory in September 2013. Arturo Magni (second from the left) and his Son Giovanni (far right), myself (far left) and my Son Matt (second from the right) and one of the STORIA prototype bikes. A Magni 1200 Sport Suzuki in the background.




Road show in Europe - on display at the MV Agusta's Owner's Club event Germany.





First light - assembly of the kitset in final stages - the subtle contrast with the original anodized parts and the new parts works well.....






A set of KINEO spoked wheels included in the kit.